Ransomware Insight

Post-Mortem Analysis of a Dumpster Fire

Ransomware Insight: Post-Mortem Analysis of a Dumpster Fire

For many in the cybersecurity community, the past several months have been a dumpster fire. While doctors and nurses tirelessly cared for pandemic victims in hospitals across the world, our cybersecurity colleagues stood in the digital trenches, slugging it out to defend those same hospitals from ransomware and other nefarious threats. Often against impossible odds, including shoe-string budgets and outdated infrastructures, these teams fought the good fight. And still, the ransomware fire burned on.

Many of us at Arete have been where you are. We understand the precarious, cost-benefit tightrope you walk on a quarterly, if not daily, basis when it comes to making decisions on cybersecurity. We aren’t here to sell you snake oil — for one, it doesn’t exist. For two, we stand by the fact that our data, experience, and expert insights can help tip the scales in your favor — whether you need help with incident response, negotiation, or restoration.

We’ve analyzed and tracked definitive data from more than 1,500 incident response and forensics cases throughout 2020 to provide unique visibility into the state of ransomware. What’s more, we’ve drawn out nuances from this detailed corpus of trench-fighting, after-action reports that allow us to predict how actors will behave according to circumstance.

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