We are locked out of our systems!

This Malware is the worst we have ever seen!

They want HOW much in ransom?!

I know who to call!

Decades of experience resolving some of the world's largest, most highly publicized data breaches.

We Will Exceed Your Cybersecurity Needs

Unparalleled Capacity for Incident Response, Remediation and Eradication for Public and Private Sectors

Arete's Elite Cyber Response Team

Our Rapid Incident Response

Gets You Back to Business Quickly

Arete quickly responds onsite to get your company back to health through our Incident Response, Managed Detection and Response and Post Breach Services.

Incident Response Services

Triage, Containment, Eradication & Remediation strategies are essential to building and maintaining a secure, vigilant, resilient organization

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

(MDR) service is a next-gen Managed Security Service that includes a Platform, Process, and a team of People who proactively respond to threats

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Post Breach Services

Post breach hardening and security architecture advisory services

Introducing InsuraShieldSM

Security for Insurance Agencies.