-Incident Response

Ransomware Response

Through a combination of expertise and technology, Arete delivers the fastest path to recovery for clients experiencing a ransomware attack.

What we do

Ransomware Response

Arete’s Incident Response teams handle thousands of ransomware investigations each year as the vendor of choice to the largest insurance carriers, law firms, and financial institutions across North America, Europe, and Asia.

When Arete is notified of a ransomware event, our experts deploy immediately and collect details of the breach, including means of detection, affected systems, potential exposure or loss of data, and available recovery options. With these findings, we work closely with the client and counsel to develop an attack recovery plan. If it is determined that a ransom payment is the only option to bring client systems back online, Arete will negotiate and facilitate a settlement on the client’s behalf in compliance with all government regulations and guidance.

Post response, Arete assists clients in the restoration of systems, root cause analysis, and deployment of endpoint protection to shield IT infrastructures from future attacks.

Expert Spotlight


Brad Britton

Forensic Lead


Veronica Cleary

IR Lead

Cryptocurrency Payments

Arete only provides this service as directed by our insurance companies and law firms to help victim companies recover from ransomware attacks.

Arete’s best in industry payment capabilities include:

  • Substantial facility to assist our ransomware clients
  • Ability to acquire cryptocurrency from compliant sources – 24x7x365
  • I/R firm manages the negotiation and investigation (end-to-end solution) cryptocurrency payment
  • Flat negotiation charge
  • Cryptocurrency charges are a pass-through from exchange and banking fees. Arete does not profit from acquiring cryptocurrency.
  • The average number of days to recovery has increased from 12.1 days in 2019 to 16.2 days. Arete is 50% faster with an average of 8 days to recover