Breach Investigation

The Threat of Cybercrime is the New Reality for Enterprises Worldwide

The cybersecurity threat landscape continues to expand rapidly. With each passing day, the cyber attacker ranks grow larger, as does their level of sophistication and the number of organizations they target.

Staying Ahead of Adversaries

Arete’s Incident Response team works with your organization to provide customized advice and a plan for you to create a proactive cyber and risk management strategy and services to help you continuously improve your defensive and offensive cyber posture. As cyber-attacks increasingly take a toll on corporate bottom lines and reputations, developing a robust cyber incident response capability becomes essential for CISOs that seek to build secure, vigilant, resilient organizations.

Arete Incident Response Incident Response Retainer can help your organization:

  • Quickly understand the nature of an attack to help answer and address the questions of what, where, how, and how much.
  • Minimize the costs and devastating impact associated with data loss including cost of time, resources, revenue, reputation, and diminished customer confidence.
  • Introduce a heightened level of management and controls that can strengthen your IT, business and communication processes, helping your organization focus on core activities that deliver value for the enterprise.
  • Create a Cybersecurity framework that protects your enterprise environment and your employees. Incident Response is stressful and chaotic; the right framework will ensure your team feels empowered to do what needs to be done to react in a timely and efficacious manner.

Why Contact Arete?

Engaging the Arete team gives your organization the confidence to respond to a data breach with a trusted partner and access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals - anywhere in the world - within hours, not days.