We focus on remediation efforts to ensure clean back up capabilities to minimize the impact of future ransomware attacks.

Remediation services include:

  • Restoration of Backups Systems post incident
  • Recovery of Corrupted Data post incident
  • Rebuilding or Re-installing Operating Systems post incident
  • Implementation of code-changes, rule changes on firewalls, post incident
  • Re-configuration of Identity Management Systems, Active Directory, Group Policy, etc. post incident

We assist in restoring systems to an operational state after a breach or other type of security incident. We restore corrupt or destroyed disk volumes, and, in some cases, entire disk environments from both on-line and off-line back-up sources. We will re-install and configure operating systems, such as Windows, Windows Server, Unix and Linux, as part of our remediation efforts. We restore SQL servers and databases, update/reconfigure routers and firewall rule sets, install new tools and technologies, and implement new group security rules and policies within AD and other environments as needed.

Why Contact Arete?

Engaging the Arete team gives your organization the confidence to respond to a data breach with a trusted partner and access to the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals - anywhere in the world - within hours, not days.