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Arete Cares


Fighting cybercrime helps protect lives and livelihoods. When businesses can quickly restore operations after a cyberattack, their staff remains employed. When critical services, such as hospitals and local governments, stay online, their patients and constituents continue receiving life-saving services. We could not ask for a more meaningful purpose.


Service is the lifeblood of our business. Whether it be providing excellence and outstanding service to our clients so they may achieve their business objectives or demonstrating servant leadership to our employees so they may reach their full potential. We strive to put service at the center of all we do.


Our culture is focused on personal growth, achieving excellence in everything we do, and giving back to our communities. In addition to our corporate giving initiatives, we encourage each member of the Arete team to spend up to 10% of their time volunteering to support local and global charities. Together with our community partners, we seek to have a lasting impact.