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Incident Response

We help companies around the world take back control of their systems and restore normal business operations.

Ransomware Response

Following a ransomware attack, we utilize industry-specific data and insights to contain threats and minimize downtime – restoring business operations faster than the industry average.

Our Process

  1. 1

    Breach Assessment

    We engage remotely within minutes to scope the incident, assess the damage, and contain the threat.

  2. 2

    Recovery Plan

    Within 24 hours, we join key stakeholders onsite to gather more details on the environment and affected systems and begin to create a customized recovery plan.

  3. 3


    Our experienced team of negotiators will help lead and support you through the negotiation process — always in compliance with applicable sanctions programs and regulations and only if payment is the sole option.

  4. 4

    Post-response Analysis

    To help clients understand the attack lifecycle, we perform forensic analysis to identify the threat actor’s trail. We also assist with system restoration, data recovery, and endpoint detection and response (EDR) deployment for protection against future attacks.

What to Expect

  1. Quick Response

    We contain threats within minutes,
    restore operations within days.

  2. Tailored Service

    No client is the same — we develop customized plans to fit each client’s unique needs.

  3. Cost Savings

    We help minimize business downtime and brand impact and as needed, negotiate to potentially reduce ransom demands and obtain decryptors.

Why Arete?

Arete manages the entire ransomware process. We quickly contain threats, harden endpoints to diminish damage, and leverage proprietary data analytics to help you determine if ransom payment is truly the only option. If so, we work to lower ransom demands — always in compliance with
applicable sanctions programs regulations.

Arete Provides Solutions For:

  • Industries

    Experience, processes, and technologies to guide you along the fastest path to recovery.


  • Insurance

    One-stop, full-service recovery response shop, rapidly restoring normal business operations.


  • Law Firms

    No client is the same — so no response is the same.

    Law Firms