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Trusted partners for cyber policy claims investigation and remediation.

We rely on data-driven insights, scalability, and unparalleled experience to help insurers navigate complex cyber claims.

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  • Challenge

    The longer business operations are down, the higher the costs.

    If ever time were of the essence, it’s during a cyber incident response. Slow response and recovery efforts can dramatically increase carrier costs.


    We move quickly.

    By offering a high-quality, full-service approach at predictable pricing to help your clients restore operations faster, we can help you reduce claim exposure. In situations that require ransom negotiations, we reduce demands while always following a stringent OFAC due diligence process to ensure compliance.

  • Challenge

    Inconsistent processes mean unpredictable costs and poor client experiences.

    Inconsistent interactions can not
    only confuse, delay, and add costs
    to recovery, but also damage
    customer loyalty.


    We are a one-stop shop for incident response.

    To get businesses on the fastest path to recovery, we perform all services in-house, including onsite restoration, forensics, and ransom negotiations. We do not outsource to third parties, avoiding delays and miscommunications. Our consistent processes and timely communication lead to more predictable costs and a better experience overall.

  • Challenge

    Lack of real-time data limits the ability to set underwriting strategy and manage risk.

    Underwriters need a better way to reduce the uncertainty of loss related to cyber threats while also helping customers better manage risk.


    We offer unique insights to help enhance underwriting.

    Our threat intelligence translates into a unique understanding. By leveraging insights, for example, on attack vectors, underwriters can ask better questions during the application process. We also empower you to conduct your own research with 24/7 access to our Partner Portal where you can see industry trends, map law firms to ongoing matters, and track the number of cases you have in process.

Why Arete

As a one-stop, full-service recovery response shop, we can typically restore normal business operations in less than seven days — that’s 4x faster than the industry average — all while exploring every option to recover stolen, mission-critical data without paying a ransom. With a large, global team, we are also well-equipped to handle surges in cases. 

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