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Trusted partners for
integrated, end-to-end
cyber breach response services.

Arete’s incident response and data breach analysis teams act fast to investigate and determine the scope of breaches, following proven processes to restore normal business operations
and mitigate damage.

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Challenges & Solutions

  • Challenge

    Crises yield chaos.

    Communication breakdowns and poor coordination across multiple vendors can be costly, wasting valuable time and effort.


    We create order.

    Having handled thousands of cases, we know how to manage all aspects of incident response. We speed successful recovery and reduce costs using a coordinated, consistent engagement process and timely, clear, and confidential communication with all key stakeholders.

  • Challenge

    Restoring your clients to normal business operations isn’t the only challenge.

    Many companies are required by law to notify constituents of any sensitive data exposure or theft.


    We help clients quickly comply with regulations when necessary.

    Our Data Breach Analysis (DBAS) team works with counsel to ensure accurate data curation and defensible delivery of notification lists to help clients meet their legal obligations. DBAS also collaborates with Arete’s in-house forensic investigators to gain a deeper understanding of the incident to curate the lists that capture relevant data threat actors may have accessed or stolen.

  • Challenge

    Cybersecurity postures prior to incidents may be questioned.

    Even after businesses are back up and running, they may still need to prove they implemented best practices to secure their environments.


    We help you build a solid case.

    Our Expert Witness team testifies on issues related to cyberattacks, including forensic soundness of data collection, reliability of collection practices, and analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of cybersecurity plans.

Why Arete

While we understand that no client is the same — so no response is the same — we also understand that a smooth, reliable, end-to-end experience is paramount. That’s why we develop customized engagement plans to fit each client’s unique needs while also following highly repeatable, industry-leading processes to deliver services with consistency, compassion, and an elevated level of care.  

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