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Compliance Shield

Utilize Arete’s secure, legally defensible approach to threat actor communications and negotiations to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.


Average Ransom Deduction


Engagements in which ransom payment is avoided

Leverage Data-Informed Threat Actor Communications and Negotiation Strategies

Our data-driven approach, based on thousands of engagements and billions of dollars of ransom demands, integrates threat intelligence, historical insights, and compliance knowledge to minimize the need for ransom payments.

Supplement Your Capabilities and Reduce Risk

We collaborate with insurance carriers, state municipalities, technology partners, and MSSPs to provide specialized services in threat actor negotiations, compliance management, forensic attribution analysis, decryption validation, ransom payment facilitation, and decryption processing.

Ensure Compliance Every Step of the Way

Created in collaboration with the Treasury Department and law enforcement, this solution ensures compliance with a multi-step OFAC process and advanced blockchain analysis