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Incident Response Readiness Assessment

Arete identifies quick fixes and prepares clients to respond to cybersecurity events.

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Incident Response Readiness Assessment

When facing an enemy, high ground can be an advantage. But to find high ground, you must first know the lay of the land. In the cyber realm, this means understanding your environment, from documentation to personnel to technology.

The Arete Incident Response (IR) Readiness Assessment helps you to take a proactive step toward improving your cyberattack preparedness and response. Arete can scout out the territory while also beginning to build relationships with your security and IT teams.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a list of findings, recommendations for closing security gaps and enhancing IR readiness, and a customized IR workflow guide — the “Go Book” — for responding to cyber events.

No One Is Immune to a Cyber Attack

Preparation for an attack can help expedite recovery

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