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Our Leadership

Senior Leadership

Joe Mann

Founder and CEO

Jim Jaeger


Mark Cluse

General Counsel

Neal Lawson

Executive Vice President, Services & Technology

John Loveland


Evelyn Minnick

Chief Administrative Officer

Raj Sivaraju

President, APAC

Client Services

Aneel Panyam

Vice President, R&D

Brookes Taney

Vice President of Sales

Lynn Peachey

Director of Business Development

Jackie Pasker

Director of Business Development

Chris Gissing

Director of Business Development


Sandeep Peshkar

Senior Vice President, Operations

Sam Kanazeh

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Lotas

Chief Security Officer

Chris Martenson

Chief Data Officer

Karen Gregory

Vice President, Talent Acquisition

Susan Mustacato

Senior Director, Product Development

Kalyan Patnaik

Vice President of Finance