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Driving the Next Generation of Cyber Innovation: Arete Celebrates Grand Reopening at Boca Raton Innovation Campus

Arete, a global leader in incident response and cyber risk management, marked a significant milestone today with the grand reopening of its global Innovation Campus in Boca Raton, Florida. The event celebrated the rich history of innovation at the campus, previously IBM’s Research and Development facility and the birthplace of the IBM PC, which pioneered the enterprise personal computer industry. The reopening also highlighted Arete’s commitment to driving the next generation of cyber innovation, with a focus on stopping cybercrime. 

The events featured renowned guest speaker Dr. David J. Bradley, one of the twelve engineers who invented the original IBM PC. Dr. Bradley is credited with implementing the “Control-Alt-Delete” (Ctrl-Alt-Del) key combination used in many computer applications. Bradley’s participation at Arete’s event, decades after contributing to the creation of the first personal computer in that very building, was a reminder of the importance of innovation and its impact on shaping the future of cybersecurity. 

The week’s celebrations include “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” and an event to support an orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. These events highlight Arete’s commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact in the world beyond the realm of cybersecurity. 

“The new design of our expanded facility is expressly tailored for innovation, creating a space to advance our mission of ending cybercrime and extortion,” said Dr. Tom Bradicich, Arete’s Chief Product and Technology Officer. “With our vast experience responding to and thwarting cyberattacks, we are poised to lead the industry in developing automated digital vaccines. Through our partnerships with leading insurance risk providers, these innovations will protect our clients and minimize the broader impact on our nation and economy.” 

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