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Arete IR Publishes New Quarterly Cybercrime Report

Leading Cybersecurity Firm Provides Market Data and Insights on Ransomware Trends

Arete Incident Response, a leading global provider of cybersecurity services and technology to corporations, law firms, insurance carriers, and government entities, today published its inaugural quarterly crimeware report.

Developed by the Arete Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) team, the report, entitled “Post-Mortem Analysis of a Dumpster Fire,” provides extensive data on crimeware trends as well as technical analysis of more than 1,500 incident response and forensics cases investigated by Arete.

“We are excited to launch Arete’s quarterly crimeware report,” said Arete President Jim Jaeger. “Not only do we report the latest data from fighting cybercrime on the front lines, but we are also closely tracking malware and threat actor trends for the cyber defense community.”

Readers will receive unique insights on how attacks happen, average ransom payments, impact by sector and organizational size, and recommendations on preventative measures aligned with new technology trends.

The report is available now at

About Arete
Arete Incident Response partners with clients to reduce the burden of preparing for, detecting and responding to cyber-attacks. With core skills in incident response triage, digital forensics, malware reverse engineering, remediation and testifying expertise, Arete’s elite team of cyber security experts have created unparalleled capabilities to address the entire cyber incident life cycle, from incident response readiness assessments to post-incident remediation and managed security services. Arete’s advisory services provide legally defensible, compliant cyber strategies that assist in continuously improving an organization’s cyber posture. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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