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Arete IR Strengthens Cybersecurity Presence in Hyderabad

Arete IR Strengthens Cybersecurity Presence in Hyderabad

The office expansion underlines Arete’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions, reinforcing its position as a leader in protecting businesses from evolving digital threats.

Hyderabad, India, July 02, 2024: Arete IR, a global leader in incident response and cyber risk management, today announced the expansion of its Hyderabad office with the addition of a new 60-seater area. This strategic move is designed to enhance Arete’s capability to deliver robust security solutions to clients across the region.

Arete’s new office space will function as a training hub, providing employees with access to specialized security tools and resources for skill enhancement. This strategic endeavor will allow Arete to best serve their clients, improving capacity to deliver robust security solutions across the region. The expansion complements Arete’s existing Hyderabad facilities, which include a 24/7 Security Operations Center. This growth allows Arete to better accommodate its expanding client base in India and surrounding regions, offering tailored cybersecurity solutions to meet each organization’s unique needs.

Arete spokesperson said, “With our office expansion, we are poised to collaborate, innovate, and deliver exceptional service to our clients. This growth highlights our commitment to staying at the forefront of the cyber risk industry and reinforces our dedication to providing best-in-class solutions to clients worldwide.”

As cyber incidents continue to grow in sophistication, Arete IR remains dedicated to strengthening its position as a leader in cybersecurity services. The latest development is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence and its mission to protect businesses from the ever-present threat actors in the digital world.

About Arete

At Arete, we believe one of the greatest threats to business is cyber extortion. Our unique end-to-end data from over 8,000 cyber incidents inform our solutions and tools to better prevent, detect, and respond to the cyber extortion threats of tomorrow. We partner with the largest global insurance carriers, brokers, law firms, businesses, and governments to respond to incidents and chart a course to efficient and effective cyber resilience. Our elite team of experts provides unparalleled capabilities to address the entire cyber incident lifecycle, from incident response and restoration to advisory and managed security services. What we do every day is just part of our larger mission: to end cyber extortion once and for all.

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