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Arete Solves Over 2,000 Enterprise Ransomware Breaches Using SentinelOne Singularity XDR

SentinelOne Autonomous XDR Accelerates Arete Cyber Incident Response and Proactive Risk Management Services Across Global Customer Portfolio

SentinelOne (NYSE: S), an autonomous cybersecurity platform company and Arete Incident Response, a global cyber risk and digital investigation company, today announced their long-term partnership has successfully resolved over 2,000 enterprise ransomware attacks worldwide. As one of SentinelOne’s earliest incident response partners, Arete pioneered leveraging SentinelOne’s autonomous XDR technology in cyber incident response, compromise assessment, and proactive risk management services.

The costs of cybercrime are staggering – some estimates put the total global costs to businesses in 2021 at $6T, equivalent to the third largest GDP,” said Joe Mann, CEO and Founder of Arete. “The most crucial aspect in limiting financial losses is speed – the faster our front line experts can detect and remediate damage, the less risk our customers face. No one provides speed like SentinelOne. The technology’s ability to remove manual processes and deliver autonomous detection and response has been central to the exponential growth and success of our business.

Arete’s team of elite cybersecurity and digital forensics experts have investigated some of the most complex breaches worldwide. To accelerate response times and mitigate risk, Arete deploys SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform and Storyline Active Response (STAR) technology in incident response cases. SentinelOne’s AI-powered technology provides threat mitigation, remediation, and ransomware rollback capabilities – each delivered with minimal human effort. As a result, breached organizations working with Arete and SentinelOne are back to business 4x faster than industry standards.

Arete has been one of our most long-standing incident response partnerships,” said Nicholas Warner, President, Security, SentinelOne. “The company has played an instrumental role in showcasing Singularity XDR’s unique advantage in accelerating breach investigation and response. Following Arete, many of the world’s premier consulting firms and incident response providers trust SentinelOne as their cybersecurity platform of choice for incident response. We look forward to continuing to build on the incredible success we have achieved together.

About Arete 

Arete is a global cyber risk company whose mission is to help organizations recover from cyber attacks and equip them with the tools and intelligence to prevent future attacks. For more information visit

About SentinelOne

SentinelOne’s cybersecurity solution encompasses AI-powered prevention, detection, response and hunting across endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single autonomous platform.

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