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Arete Welcomes New Executives to Drive Growth

Arete, a pioneering leader in incident response, counter extortion services, and cyber risk management for ransomware attacks, is proud to announce the addition of key executives to the organization. Geoff Brown joins Arete as President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Tom Bradicich as Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, and Kevin Enders as Chief Revenue Officer. These appointments are pivotal to the company’s broader efforts to set the standard for data-driven counter extortion services and empower network defenders, industry partners, and governments with critical data in the collective fight against cyber extortion.

Brown, an intelligence and cybersecurity leader, joins Arete to spearhead strategic growth by enhancing interoperability within the broader risk, cybersecurity, technology, services, and government sectors. Before Arete, Brown served as Vice President of Global Intelligence Platforms at Recorded Future, the world’s largest commercial intelligence provider, and led efforts to deliver the company’s premier intelligence and cloud offering to global governments. Brown built the cybersecurity program for the City of New York as its Chief Information Security Officer and the founding Director and Head of NYC Cyber Command, where he was responsible for cybersecurity across all NYC government agencies, mitigating cyber risk for circa 1 million city assets and 300,000 employees. Brown has previous experience in financial services and with the U.S. Federal Government, including with the 9/11 Commission. He is currently a member of the Aspen Institute’s Cybersecurity Working Group. Brown’s extensive background in intelligence and cyber risk management will be pivotal in creating a high-trust ecosystem aimed at stopping the proliferation of cybercrime and the downstream business interruptions crippling commerce worldwide.

Bradicich, leveraging decades of expertise in developing interoperating technology solutions across industries and governments, will lead Arete’s efforts to streamline data sharing, build automated defenses to identify and neutralize threats, and lead the partner ecosystem. Before Arete, Bradicich served as Vice President, General Manager, and Fellow at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as well as a Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Fellow at both IBM and National Instruments. Throughout his career, Bradicich has built and led global teams to pivot into new businesses and first-of-a-kind products and conceived, developed, and launched dozens of software and systems platforms, products, and business strategies. Bradicich holds several U.S. patents and trademarks, co-founded seven industry standards bodies, and travels globally as a keynote speaker, analyst, and media contributor. Bradicich cultivates the Arete culture of innovation, leading teams to develop and execute transformative initiatives to create best-in-class experiences for our clients.

“Brown, Bradicich, and Enders bring a depth of experience and visionary leadership that will drive innovation, enhance operational excellence, and advance our mission to end cyber extortion, once and for all,” said Joe Mann, Arete’s Chief Executive Officer. “Their expertise positions Arete to provide a unique, holistic counter extortion capability that enhances compliance and reduces business interruption as we work alongside the United States government, its allies, and others in the cyber risk industry in our collective effort to stop cyber extortion.”

About Arete

At Arete, we believe there is no greater threat to business than cyber extortion. Our unique end-to-end data from over 8,000 cyber incidents inform our solutions and tools to better prevent, detect, and respond to the cyber extortion threats of tomorrow. We partner with the largest global insurance carriers, brokers, law firms, businesses, and governments to respond to incidents and chart a course to efficient and effective cyber resilience. Our elite team of experts provides unparalleled capabilities to address the entire cyber incident lifecycle, from incident response and restoration to advisory and managed security services. What we do every day is just part of our larger mission: to end cyber extortion once and for all.

Harness Arete’s unique data and expertise on extortion and ransomware to inform your response. Visit, follow us on LinkedIn, and access our latest crimeware report.


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