-Incident Response


Arete quickly restores critical systems and gets them back online.

Incident Response


Arete has the only in-house restoration team in the industry, providing on-site or virtual support with real-time response and full control over the restoration process. Our team, with experience in restoration, remediation, and system administration, acts as an extension of the client organization’s IT department and Managed Services Supplier (MSP) throughout this critical recovery process. 

Restoration and Preventative Services

Key features of our restoration services include:

  • Rebuilding IT infrastructure: Arete supports client IT personnel in rebuilding and securely restructuring the client’s IT operations in hours or days, not weeks.
  • Limiting or Eliminating Bad Actor Access and Hardening endpoints: Arete works with client information technology (IT) personnel to remediate their systems, reduce the attack surface and close gaps in the environment, while deploying the industry leading endpoint security solution – SentinelOne.
  • Decryption assistance: Arete assists with the decryption of affected IT systems that may require specialized response methods.
  • Collection of Forensic evidence: Arete works with client IT resources to collect and preserve evidence in a forensically sound manner and supports the remote collection and analysis of the information by the Arete Forensics and Threat Research team.