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Reining in Ransomware – Investigative Cybercrime Series: Vol 2

What are the most common strains of ransomware over the last few years? Which strains are demanding (and receiving) the highest ransoms? How do the most “successful” ransomware groups infiltrate their victims? What techniques do they use to spread around the network? How (and how often) is data exfiltrated in addition to being encrypted? And most importantly—what can organizations do to prevent, contain, and otherwise rein in the most virulent ransomware?

If you want data-driven answers to any of those questions, this report is for you. By “data-driven,” we mean that this isn’t one of those fluff pieces in which we stand on our cyber expert soapbox and prattle off opinions about how you can live your best ransomware-free life in just five steps. Instead, we’ve deeply analyzed on- the-ground evidence collected while responding to nearly 1,500 ransomware events exceeding $1 billion in ransom demands. Through it all, we’ve helped our clients manage their response, minimize costs, and maintain business operations. And we hope this report helps many other organizations and insurers do the same.